Legislative Priorities

The Texas Legislature meets in Austin from January through May of each odd-numbered year. In November, prior to the beginning of the legislative session, the Board of Trustees adopts legislative priorities for the upcoming session. The Legislative Leadership Committee is designed to allow District stakeholders to provide input in the development of future legislative priorities.

The legislative priorities adopted by the Board of Trustees for the 86th Legislative Session, which ran from January 8, 2019-May 26, 2019, are below.


  • Support an adequate and equitable school funding system that reduces the state’s reliance on recapture and property value increases.

  • Oppose property tax reform that further diminishes public school funding or places additional burdens on local property taxes. Ensure that the full value of this funding benefits public education and is not used to fund other state initiatives or decrease the state’s share of public-school funding.

  • Support the ability for locally-elected school boards to adjust tax rates within a voter-approved range without triggering subsequent elections.

  • Oppose any state vouchers, tax credits, taxpayer savings grants, tuition reimbursements or additional programs that allow diversion of taxpayer dollars from the state regulated public school system.

  • Support full funding for the statewide expansion of high-quality Pre-K programs with increased access for students. 


  • Support the establishment of a comprehensive accountability system that looks beyond standardized testing to meaningful assessments that have value for students, parents and teachers, as well as measures that each community deems important to college and career readiness.

Social and Emotional Awareness

  • Provide state funding to support campus-based, social and emotional health services for students.

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